Black Gay African

I wrote a post a couple of minutes ago but for now can we just act like this is my first post.
I am a black gay guy living in Africa. This is something that I would have never said or written about a year ago, I try to think of myself as more than a gay guy but it’s part of who I am and I just want to acknowledge it on this post.
I know what you are thinking….This guy must have a horrible life (being black, gay and African). But truly speaking, being gay in Africa really isn’t that different from the gay guys I see on US tv shows, like Modern family, etc. I could walk holding hands with with another guy, I could get married, come out to my friends, adopt kids, wear lip gloss and go to gay bars on a Tuesday. But like everywhere else there are challenges, for instance some of my friends might not be accepting of my sexually, I wouldn’t feel comfortable being stared at while walking with a guy holding my hand and I might not be 100% comfortable with femininity .

What I am trying to say is I’m just another guy trying to figure out this life thing and find true love, just hopefully with another black gay guy from Africa .


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I'm a 20something year old, living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love photography, architecture, OTHER GUYS, hiking and jogging, tv, I don't read a lot tho, movies and just having fun. These are just my stories.

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